The Major Barkana: Dog Tarot Deck
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Welcome to our shop! Here we feature original art for sale, plus prints and the finished tarot deck once they’re available.

The World Original Sketch

The World Original Sketch


Leila, the pup on this card, would love to leap into your home! She’ll carry some inspiring messages too. The World symbolizes the threads of your hard work finally coming together and she’ll pawsitively remind you of this every day.

This is an exclusive original drawing, one of a kind, and measures 8x5.5”.

Take Her Home

Whenever you’re stressed, just look at this pup’s sketch on your wall. She’s a great reminder to let your intuition guide you in times of hardship, since a solution is about to appear. Or, if you just worked your tail end off to reach a goal, she’ll bark at you until you go celebrate!

All the powerful meanings of The World:

  • A sense of closure is imminent—thank yourself for your hard work

  • Contemplate the role of collaboration and working in unison

  • Trust that your intuition will show you a beautiful solution soon

  • Organize something meant to bring you praise for your hard work, like a celebration

  • Become engaged in your community and give from an authentic place

  • Count your blessings, as this will bring you contentment in life

Our inspiration for this card:

We’ve carried the four elements from the Wheel of Fortune over to this card, but now she’s leaping through a wreath that is parting all that constant change aside. Things have fallen into perfect place for this pup! Leila, the dog featured here, has passed on—so we personally see this as a tribute to the joy we all know dogs get in the afterlife. When their journey with us is complete, they leap through new doors into the most content afterlife.

Leila’s sweet spirit is looking for her forever home! She’d love it to be yours.

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