The Major Barkana: Dog Tarot Deck
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Welcome to our shop! Here we feature original art for sale, plus prints and the finished tarot deck once they’re available.

The Moon Original Sketch

The Moon Original Sketch


The Moon is one of the only tarot cards that traditionally features a dog, so this was a real fun one to sketch! Beyond it’s powerful intuitive symbolism, it also plays homage to the ancestors of our best friends.

This is an exclusive original drawing, one of a kind, and measures 8x5.5”.

Take Them Home

The Moon is a card about our subconscious and shadow-side. There are elements that address fear and illusion, and others that show the power of imagination. It’s a complex card, but one that shares many healing meanings. For a thought provoking piece that honors the history of our canine best friends, take this sketch home!

This pup and wolf can remind you to:

  • Become aware of ways you project internal fears into outside situations or relationships

  • Take some time to release past painful memories, clearing the inner blocks you are facing

  • It’s quite possible something before you is not what it seems—try to look for a deeper truth

  • Make sure you aren’t accepting a false picture or belief

  • Let your intuition guide you, even if you feel lost on your path

Our inspiration for this card:

This is one of the cards where we chose to stick to the most common tarot symbolism. Our deck is meant to be easy to recognize at first glance, for new and experienced readers alike—but this takes it to a new step. We took the original arrangement, found the perfect real pup to place on it, and spent hours capturing the whimsy and likeness of these two fluffy animals enjoying the bright light of the moon.

Elli, the pup, and her wolf friend’s sketch are looking for their forever home! Hopefully, it'll be yours.

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