The Major Barkana: Dog Tarot Deck
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Welcome to our shop! Here we feature original art for sale, plus prints and the finished tarot deck once they’re available.

The Moon (Original Painting)

The Moon (Original Painting)


This entire tarot deck wouldn’t be possible without the ancestors of our best friends—the wolf! Fortunately, the Moon’s illustration realizes this and shows a golden lab and her slightly fuzzier best friend. It’s a painting of deep intuition and introspection, too, perfect for any mindful place in your home!

This is an original watercolor painting. It measures at 5.5x8” of painted 400lb cold press paper.

Like all our offerings, 15% of profits are donated to our first service dog sponsorship recipient.

Take Them Home

The Moon will be shipped to you in a nice black paper mat, which you can directly hang on your wall. If you’d like the piece framed, there will be enough white border to avoid trimming the painting with the frame.

The card itself features a dog named Elli, a lovable and strong golden labrador named after a powerful Norse figure! She’s admiring the powerful howl of her ancestors and the dog’s connection to the moon here.

For more on The Moon’s meanings, visit this page here!

15% of profits will go directly to our first service dog sponsorship recipient. That’s enough to buy a whole harness, a nice dog bed, or pay for a week of group training class!