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The Devil Original Sketch

The Devil Original Sketch


The Devil sure is an entertaining art piece! This quirky Brussels Griffon pup, who’s quite the gatherer of leashes, can help you remember some important things—beyond just getting a little chuckle when you see him. The Devil’s not all bad, especially when he’s this fluffy.

This is an exclusive original drawing, one of a kind, and measures 8x5.5”.

Take Him Home

This pup is a pompous one (and a gatherer of leashes apparently), and he represents how there is a sense of bondage or materialism in life right now. He’s also silly looking, sassy, and quite the character according to the owner of the Brussels Griffon featured here! Archie, the pup, is sure to give you and any of your guests a good laugh when they see him hanging on your wall.

He’ll also remind you of some important messages:

  • There are hidden forces holding you back; to find them, look beyond surface issues

  • Make sure you aren’t letting your authenticity or dreams be derailed by another person’s opinions

  • There is an unhealthy bond in your life (like to a bad habit or a person you need to walk away from)

  • You are experiencing doubts right now—learn to dance with fear, since it will never truly go away but you can thrive with it

Our inspiration for this card:

We wanted something sassy, funny, and still maintaining The Devil’s traditional symbolism—and Archie was perfect to fit that role. He’s sweet until he wants something, and definitely gets possessive over the toys and treats and people around him, according to his owner. This is perfectly symbolic with The Devil card’s reminder that we’re too caught up in materialism.

With the actual design, we went with a sort of doggie Halloween party. Adding little devil wings, horns, and a cushy pedestal for this pup made him look in charge of his own perfect throne. We also threw in some hanging party decor on strings behind him, really hitting on the upside-down pentagram symbolism.

This Devil is definitely cute, and his sketch is looking for its forever home! Hopefully, it'll be yours.

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