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Meet our Service Dog Grant Winner: Zayne Lovik!

Zanye Lovik with bear.jpg

Did you know service dogs cost often $10,000 or more? And this is on the lower end, like when a disabled person trains their own dog, rather than going through an organization.

Zayne is one of these individuals. They live with PTSD, fibromyalgia, and the aftermath of brain damage—making a service dog a critical part of their healing and ability to thrive.

Owner training is a tough journey, especially for a cane and wheelchair user trying to teach their dog mobility assistance tasks. So, we’re stepping in to help them fundraise for this specific training.

The goal? $2000.

You can help Zayne reach it, simply by purchasing yourself a treat from our shop. 15% of all profits will go directly to them and their current service dog in training, Bear.

Or go ahead and donate directly below!

How you can help:

Purchase any treat from our shop and 15% of the profits will go directly to Zayne and Bear. Once you purchase, go ahead and share your generosity on social media with a link to this page! The faster we can reach Zayne’s goal, the sooner we can support yet another service dog handler.

If you’re not in a place to financially contribute, you’ll still help a ton if you share this page. Every share will likely reach an average of 10 people—and that could mean a couple hundred dollars to Zayne.

What the $2000 goal will cover:

  • First year of training - $800

  • Mobility Screening - $600

  • Mobility Gear - $600

Every dollar helps—donate what you can here.

Zayne and Bear will receive 100% of all contributions here!