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Service Dog Facts

Service dogs are amazing animals who save the lives of disabled people every day. Here at The Major Barkana, we’re passionate about raising awareness and fundraising for these pups! We’ll be getting our own service dog prospect around January 2019, so we know firsthand how life-changing they are. Enjoy these awesome facts, and feel free to spread the info on!

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Service dogs can assist people with a huge variety of disabilities. People with psychiatric conditions (PTSD, depression, anxiety, dissociative disorders, etc), diabetes, heart conditions, mobility disorders, and more can benefit from service dogs.

Service dogs are not trained to provide comfort. All dogs do this, but a service dog is made by the tasks they perform—and emotional support is not a task.

Businesses have the right to ask service dog handlers two questions: “Is your dog trained to assist you with a disability?” “What tasks does your dog perform?”

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There is no legally required registration for service dogs. The individual only needs to be disabled and have their dog task trained to assist them with that disability.

Service dogs aren’t for every disabled person. They work best in individuals that have the capacity to care for a dog, but need the additional support of a living and responsive creature.

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Service dogs are capable of alerting to amazing things! They can notice drops in blood pressure, signs a seizure will happen soon, PTSD flashbacks, alter switches, and many other events.

Service dogs are permitted access wherever the public can go, with the exclusion of religious centers like churches or temples.

Businesses have rights with service animals too! If a dog is actively threatening, disturbing, or making a mess of a business the handler can be told to leave. But, perceived threats (i.e. our customers are scared of pitbulls) don’t count. Tasks that make noise are also excluded.

Currently, only dogs and miniature horses are permitted as service animals.

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Service dogs can be any breed, and they are also exempt from breed restrictions. Chihuahuas, pit bulls, great danes, your classic lab and more can be amazing SDs.

Service dogs are not required to have all four paws on the floor. They can be by a handlers fact or on their lap, if it’s necessary for a task (i.e. deep pressure therapy or blood sugar alert).