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Service Dog Sponsorship Application

Hello and welcome to our application for Service Dog Sponsorship! This is for anyone who, due to limited finances, would need support in raising money for their service dog (SD). 15% of all our profits will go directly to the individual we select, helping them meet their final goal.

This pre-application is now closed.

We will be selecting 5-10 candidates to move onto stage two of selection, which we will announce in 2-3 weeks (around February 20th). We will contact the selected applicants by email, as well as sending out a general email saying we have made our decision for round 2. Join our email list here to be contacted then!

We are currently preparing for the second round of this application, by going through our pre-applicants. We will contact those selected with a more comprehensive form and request for financial need, doctor’s notes, and reference letter from a friend or family member.

Want to help our first sponsor? 15% of all profits are donated, so go ahead and buy yourself a treat from our shop here!