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Service Dog Sponsorship Application

Hello and welcome to our application for Service Dog Sponsorship! This is for anyone who, due to limited finances, would need support in raising money for their service dog (SD). 15% of all our profits will go directly to the individual we select, helping them meet their final goal.

This is the pre-application. This should take around 10 minutes to complete and please limit responses to no more than around 150 words. From here, we will select around 10-20 individuals who we feel are the best match for our program and contact them with a longer form to complete.

The deadline for this application is January 30th, 2019. This is only for disabled individuals living in the US and 18 or older.

Want to help our first sponsor? 15% of all profits are donated, so go ahead and buy yourself a treat from our shop here!

Your Name *
Your Name
Preferred name, if different than legal, is fine here.
Name of Disabled Party
Name of Disabled Party
If you are completing this application for them. Please note that "your" later in this application refers to the disabled party and anyone handling the service dog for that party.
Please keep your description around 150 words max.
Please keep your description around 150 words max.
Please keep your description around 150 words max.
Please keep the response around 150 words.
This includes walking, exercise, feeding, entertaining, vet care, and maintaining the dog's training.
What would you need financial assistance with? *
Please check all you anticipate needing. Please note, your answer will not disqualify you!
Your best estimation of how much this entire journey of getting, training, and providing gear for your service dog will cost. Put "00" if completely unknown.
Please describe which avenues you have tried and if they have or haven't worked, and why. Try to keep that answer around 150 words!
Please list your approximate cost of living (including disability related expenses) and your income (after taxes). This doesn't need to be exact, but should be an estimate that will hold up with later proof of income documents.
We'll update our list with application status, as well as sending you cute dog and tarot things!