The Major Barkana: Dog Tarot Deck
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Minor Card List

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Do you want your dog in this tarot deck? Well, I have some good news! You can have your pup featured on a Minor Suit Tarot card of your choice!

Prices for the Minor deck:

$250: Your dog on a card, the complete Barkana Tarot Deck, and a high quality print of the original painting.
$400: Your dog on a card, the complete Minor Barkana Tarot Deck, and the original painting (5.5"x9.5") featuring your dog!

These prices will integrate into our Kickstarter on September 19th, 2018 and change a bit, since they include more rewards!

To Order:

Simply visit our shop here and purchase a spot to get your dog in the deck! Once you do this, you’ll be on our list to reserve a Minor’s card (first come, first serve—basically if you pledge earlier, you get a better selection). Please have three potential cards in mind, as we’ll ask you for your top three choices.

Have more than one dog? You can request multiple spots or a card that fits multiple pups! Email us at for more info. 2 dogs=no extra charge for select cards, more dogs=+$75 per dog; Look for the * for cards that fit more than one dog.

Available Cards:

  1. Two of Wands

  2. Three of Wands

  3. Five of Wands*

  4. Six of Wands*

  5. Seven of Wands

  6. Eight of Wands*

  7. Nine of Wands

  8. Ten of Wands

  9. Knight of Wands

  10. Queen of Wands

  11. King of Wands

  12. Ace of Pentacles*

  13. Two of Pentacles

  14. Three of Pentacles*

  15. Four of Pentacles

  16. Five of Pentacles*

  17. Six of Pentacles*

  18. Seven of Pentacles

  19. Eight of Pentacles

  20. Nine of Pentacles

  21. Page of Pentacles

  22. Knight of Pentacles

  23. Ace of Cups

  24. Two of Cups*

  25. Four of Cups*

  26. Five of Cups

  27. Seven of Cups

  28. Eight of Cups

  29. King of Cups

  30. Ace of Swords

  31. Two of Swords

  32. Four of Swords

  33. Five of Swords*

  34. Seven of Wands

  35. Eight of Swords

  36. Ten of Swords

  37. Page of Swords

  38. Knight of Swords

  39. Queen of Swords

  40. King of Swords

(Also, please note that your dog will be in the final deck that will be sold to anyone who purchases it. By requesting a drawing of your dog, you are consenting to this distribution and any other distribution of created images by the artists. If you do not elect to purchase the original painting, it may be sold to someone else interested in the original painting.)