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Fundraisers We Support

It’s tough to raise the funds for a service dog! We have chosen to help one person with our grant program (where 15% of profits are donated to them), but we received almost 100 applications to that program. In an effort to help everyone who reached out, here is a list of all those who applied and their fundraisers.

Monet McCain: “I need a service dog for PTSD, BPD (Borderline Personal Disorder), MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), and Autism. I'm fundraising through paypal here

April Woods: “I'm a Type 1 diabetic who was using a SD to help manage my sugars, she was surrendered illegally and I need/want to get control of my sugars again.” Donations taken here.

Hannah Blake Malmgren: “I need a service dog to help me with PTSD from childhood sexual trauma, my SD will wake me from nightmares, flashbacks, help ground me, and give me some independence.” Donations taken here

Celia Torres: “I need a service dog to help me with cardiac alerts, aid with my autistic, chronic illness, and PTSD symptoms, and general mobility/accessibility work.” Fundraiser here

Faith Mendel: “I have severe anxiety, depression and separation anxiety, I can’t do anything alone and always have to have someone with me or else I have a panic attack, I’m hoping having a service dog around with me in big crowds will stop the separation anxiety and help me be more independent from my mom.” Donate to on Paypal.

Arielle Reigle: “I need a service dog because I seriously can't function right now. I realize you've probably heard that a lot but 99% of the time I'm stuck home unable to do anything. I've been searching for a service dog for almost 3 years now. I just haven't been able to find/afford one.” Donate to on PayPal.

Jake Stutesman: “I need a SD would to be help with retrieval of medicine, to help me get motive to get out of bed and complete task that I need to do on a daily basis, to help me in public (dizziness, fainting, and to help with anxiety).” Donate here

Tanja Martinson: “My daughter Sophie had the last year of her life stolen from her by Lyme, PANDAS/post strep autoimmune encephalitis and an eating disorder and she deserves a service dog to help her take back her future and make it as amazing as she is.” Fundraiser is here