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Complete Service Dog Sponsorship Application

Congrats on getting to the second round of selection for our Service Dog Sponsorship program!

This is a long form, which should take around 45-60 minutes to complete. You’ll also need to gather proof of income, a doctor’s/mental health practitioner’s letter, and a recommendation letter from a friend. The information on what is required for each letter is listed below. Email these to with the subject as “(Your name): SD Application Documents”

Please provide one of these for Proof of Income:

  • Recent paystub (from each job, include spouse if you are married)

  • Tax return for 2018 (you can block out social security number)

  • Statement listing business transactions (income and costs of doing business) for last three months

  • Copy of paperwork confirmation that you are on SSDI or a similar program

  • Signed letter from employer, stating salary

  • If none of these methods work, please send us an email to and we’ll figure out an alternative!

In your treating professional’s letter (from mental health practitioner or doctor) have them include:

  • A statement that says you are disabled and they agree a service dog would benefit you

  • Their name, signature, location of practice, and contact information

  • (Please note that they do not have to specify your exact disability. They can if you wish for them to, though)

In your friend or family recommendation letter, have them state:

  • Their name, relationship to you, and contact info

  • Their understanding of how your disability affects you and your life

  • A description of who you are, personality wise, and why you’d be a great service dog handler

  • Why they believe a service dog would benefit you

  • Why they believe you will be able to properly care for and maintain training of a dog

  • Please have the letter be between 1-2 pages long

Name (of Disabled Person) *
Name (of Disabled Person)
Phone *
Answer if you are completing this form for the disabled person. If you are completing this form for another individual, please refer to "you" in later questions as "the disabled person."
Say unknown if you don't know how that pet reacts around dogs.
0.5, for example, would be half an hour
Include descriptions of the limitations or symptoms your disability causes, what you spend most of the day doing, and so on.
Focus on the main aspects of life (social, work, sleep, ability to do household and errand based tasks).
Like: "Purchasing a puppy from a breeder=$1500, First year training classes=$800" and so on.
As in, if you want a dog for mobility, but you also have depression and the dog simply won't be trained for that depression.
As in, "I'll be working with Cosmopolitan Goldendoodles for the puppy..."
Please check this to acknowledge that all information you put is true to the best of your knowledge. *
Would you be comfortable with us sharing your story with the Barkana community? *
This includes on social media, our website, emails, and other formats. This will help you raise funds faster, as knowing their purchase goes to support a person they know a bit about makes it more impactful.