The Major Barkana: Dog Tarot Deck

Copyright Policies

We’re so grateful to have you as a part of our Barkana family! Your support of this project has helped so many people see their dogs treasured by others, finding a service dog they can afford, and sharing some puppy love. We want to make sure you can enjoy your deck or art to the fullest extent without running the risk of copyright issues. If we notice you breaching a term of use below, we’ll first reach out and simply ask that you take down or modify the images before involving any legal representation or action. So, don’t fret too much! And, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

For PDF files:

This refers to the computer files that some of our Kickstarter backers have received. This offering is not available in our shop and was Kickstarter specific.

Examples of how you can freely use it:

  • Create your own personal computer or phone background with the images

  • Save them on your computer/own electronic devices to look at and show off to people

  • Print out copies of the art at a local printer, for personal use in home, apartment, or office

  • Doodle on or modify the PDF files, but only for personal use (don’t digitally share the file with another, but you can show them)

Restrictions/not allowed:

  • Distributing the file with others (paid or free). If you want to show a friend you only have digital contact with, take a screenshot of them on your device.

  • Printing the file to gift or sell to others. People can see the print in your own space (home, office, etc), but you cannot give them copies.

  • Using the images on your website or social media without permission. (If you’re excited about getting the files, take a screenshot of them in low-ish quality and tag us on social media—this part is allowed.)

For art prints:

This refers to shipped physical prints of our artwork, which were available during Kickstarter and currently in our shop here.

Examples of how you can freely use it:

  • Hang or display the prints in any personal space (office space, home, etc)

  • Gift the print to a friend (as in, the original print you got in the mail, you are free to give away!)

  • In teaching examples, with credit to our website (if you want to, for instance, show off a watercolor technique, you can hand the print around and talk about how the technique works, as long as you state where students can find our art)

  • Having your dog eat the art print if you didn’t hang it high enough on the wall

Restrictions/not allowed:

  • Making additional copies of the print and reselling it

  • Photocopying (or otherwise digitally copying) the art to give to friends or others for free

  • Scanning an image of the art to use on your website or social media (social media must include proper credit; for use on websites contact us for a flat fee licensing rate)

For Individual Deck Owners:

This refers to individuals who own a copy or several copies of our deck.

Examples of how you can freely use it:

  • Take your own photos of your deck to share on social media (just be sure to link to our website or social media handles!)

  • Showing it off in your collection, at home or in relevant places where you share decks

  • Reselling or gifting the deck (you can sell a used copy of your deck, or give it away as a gift!)

  • Doing tarot readings with it (or other divination methods or ways of using the deck)

Restrictions/not allowed:

  • Making additional copies of the deck and reselling it, or giving copies away

  • Bootlegging the deck (printing copies of the deck without distribution permission). Please note: if you see anyone except our website, a local store, or Vervante having printed this—please let us know so we can prevent piracy of our deck!

  • Using more than 2 images (must be photographs you took) on your website, if you are advertising work (like readings) you do with our deck.

For Tarot Readers Who Use Our Deck:

For individuals who own a copy of our deck and do commercial/paid readings with it.

Examples of how you can freely use it:

  • Offering readings of any method (online or in person; paid or free) with our deck. For private readings, you can photograph the cards you drew to send to someone, if that is a component of your readings.

  • Sharing 1-2 photographs of our deck on your website, if you want to talk about how you do readings with it. You must include links back to and each photograph can only show off a maximum of five cards in the deck. (If you would like larger, more, or full deck pictures—contact us! We’ll set up a reasonable flat licensing fee)

  • Taking photographs of yourself, with our cards in the picture. If shared online, include credit to our deck.

Restrictions/not allowed:

  • Using the full digital images/files (i.e. the ones on our site) of our cards without written and licensed permission

  • Sharing photographs of our deck and you using it without credit to our website

  • Using our original art on your website, without written permission, to advertise for your readings and the decks you use.

Remember, we’re big on supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs! So, if you have a question about how to use our deck and advertise your services with it, simply email us at We’d be happy to work something out with you.

If You Have Your Dog in the Deck:

For Deck Distribution (online and in person stores):