The Major Barkana: Dog Tarot Deck
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A dog-themed tarot deck with an absolutely pawsitive purpose—to fundraise for service dogs!

Oh my goodness! Welcome to the Major Barkana!

A sketch preview of The Hermit!


You’ve entered the light-hearted world of  dog tarot, inspired from the real dogs that are featured on every card. Every image holds a cute adaption of traditional tarot symbols in a way that captures the unique personalities of your best canine friends.

The Minors deck (remaining 56 cards) will be completed in 2020.

Total Deck Progress: 61%

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A sketch preview of The Empress, featuring Sahara!


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The Major Barkana is not just a dog tarot deck—it’s a project that’s helping disabled individuals afford service dogs. And it’s immortalizing people’s beloved pets, by including a real dog on each card.

🐕Here’s how we support service dogs:🐩

Affordability: Service dogs cost on average $25,000 to train and we’re hoping to lower that cost for individuals with disabilities. 15-30% of all profits will go towards service dog organizations and/or individual fundraisers, after we raise enough money for our own service dog.

Education: There’s a lot of misinformation about service dogs, so we’re going to change that! Included in each deck are 2 “Service Dog Fact Cards” which contains an interesting tidbit about service dogs. We encourage you to give on of these cards away to a friend, or share photos of them on social media. 

Learn more about the deck here.


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Meet the Artists! 

It's a team of two disabled artists, both sharing one body all thanks to a condition called Dissociative Identity Disorder, behind this project. We're fun and creative people, and we'd love for you to get to know us! 

Here's where you can learn about us and here's where you can contact us.